Malacoda - Released independently on March 21st 2015

Self titled full length album.

1. Abandon All Hope
2. Cutting
3. Deafening
4. Vexation
5. Lobotomy of the Heart
6. Vigilante
7. Cruel Departure
8. Phantom Pain
9. Lamia
10. Outback

Lucas Di Mascio - Vocals, Guitars, Bass|Joel Kazmi Clean Guitar on "Deafening"|Da-Rell Clifton - Drums|Matt Phillip - Guitar Solos
Backing Vocals:  Pat Mulock, Mark Coleman, Graham Stirrett, Nick Cerny, Tim Regan

Recorded at Eleven Hurts, engineered and produced by Joel Kazmi|Mastered at Kevorkian Mastering by Larry Lachmann
Art/Layout by Adriano Di Mascio|All music/lyrics written by Lucas Di Mascio


Ritualis Aeterna (EP) - Released independently on December 2nd 2016, Re-released through Rockshots Records on January 19th 2018

The second release by dark melodic metal band Malacoda! This time featuring some big name talent behind the production and music of the band. A slight departure of sounds forged on their debut album, Ritualis Aeterna promises to entice and excite listeners to a new breed of dark melodic metal.

1. Penny Dreadful
2. I Got A Letter
3. Pandemonium
4. The Wild Hunt
5. Linger Here
6. There Will Always Be One

Lucas Di Mascio - Vocals/Guitars/Bass|Brad Casarin - Lead Guitars|Mike Harshaw - Drums|Jonah Weingarten - Keyboards
Jessy Oppenheimer - Solo 1 on Penny Dreadful|Joe Waller - Solo 2 on Penny Dreadful

Produced and engineered by Lucas Di Mascio at Old Haunt Recording Studio|Drum recordings and mix by Jon Howard at Woodward Studios
Keyboards recorded at Yanmonster Studios by Yan Leviathan|Mastered by Jeramie Kling at Smoke & Mirrors