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Malacoda started as a recording project based out of Oakville, Ontario in 2014, by multi-instrumentalist and music producer Lucas Di Mascio. Early-lineups consisted of some great local musicians from the Greater Toronto Area. The self-titled debut was hailed as a dark modern melodic metal take on popular music trends. As each new record progressed into different territory, the lineups shifted to meet the demands of the specific sound Lucas was trying to achieve- for Ritualis Aeterna- a heavier and more symphonic take on their dark and melodic sound, musicians known for their extreme heavy metal credits were brought into the fold to create a truly visceral listening experience. This release in 2016 saw the first official Malacoda music video for “Penny Dreadful”, and it set the bar for what the band’s conceptual visuals would be.

Restless Dreams is the band’s most recent offering, a concept album that plays on the boundaries of Gothic, Progressive, Hard Rock and Power Metal sounds. The album was produced and recorded entirely at Lucas Di Mascio’s Old Haunt Records in Oakville, and masterfully mixed by Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Imonolith fame. Restless Dreams is a love letter to the classic Konami horror game Silent Hill 2, and the music reflects on the dark journey of the main character as well as the way the band interprets its many deep themes of loss, guilt, abuse and the occult.

In the fall of 2018 the band embarked on The Northern Laments Tour and got to meet some of their fans across Ontario and Quebec, with plans to continue touring for Restless Dreams into 2019 before starting to work on a new record.


August 8th 2019 - Wrapped In Laments Lyric Video Drops

Malacoda Fans! We’ve finally released our lyric video for yet another single off “Restless Dreams” called “WRAPPED IN LAMENTS” - please check it out and head bang along to this killer tune.

Lucas Di Mascio comments:
”The video utilizes a bunch of photos that me and my girlfriend took in some derelict places in downtown Toronto one summer when trying to figure out exactly how we wanted to present the rusted ghost town of Silent Hill. There’s some photos we took near what was once known as The Sound Academy - a legendary venue in Toronto. Regulars of that club can probably recognize a few of the images in the lyric video- I wonder what else our Torontonian fans can pick out?”

September 20th 2018 - Tour Dates

Here’s what’s announced so far for our short run of shows in Canada starting on October 20th:

October 20th - Duffy’s Tavern - Toronto - BUY TICKETS
October 25th - Piranha Bar - Montreal - BUY TICKETS
October 26th - Cafe Dekcuf - Ottawa - BUY TICKETS
October 28th - Overtime - Kingston - BUY TICKETS

New Album Details Revealed - "Restless Dreams" To Be Released in October


Following on from the release of the EP "Ritualis Aeterna", MALACODA will be releasing a new full length album "Restless Dreams" via Rockshots Records in this coming fall.

The album delivers a full musical experience inspired by the horror video game "Silent Hill 2". MALACODA first introduced their fans to the "Silent Hill 2" storyline with the track "I got a letter" which featured on the band's sophomore release, "Ritualis Aeterna" (Rockshots Records, 2017).


"Restless Dreams", inspired by the horror video game "Silent Hill 2", is a musical journey through dark, tormented themes of doubt, loss, guilt and terror. The plot of the album follows a broken man’s journey through the ghost town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife asking him to meet her there. MALACODA brings a fresh interpretation of the themes within the ground-breaking video game classic "Silent Hill 2". MALACODA artfully bring to life the oppressive, claustrophobic aura of the fog consumed town with deviously clever song-writing and mind-cacthing lyrics, MALACODA truly understand the importance of meticulous production, and appreciate the masterful mix by Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Imonolith), "Restless Dreams" is a musical release unlike any other. Fans and new listeners alike, prepare for an atmospheric and melodic metal descent into a world of horror and despair.

The new album "Restless Dreams" is set to be released via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS on October 19 in North America and October 26 in Europe.

For further info:

Gig Announcement - April 24th at The Linsmore Tavern in Toronto (Supporting Hallow Point)

The band is stoked to play at The Linsmore Tavern in Toronto on April 24th. It'll be an all ages gig with tickets being sold at the door. This is Hallow Point's first time in Canada, so hopefully Toronto makes a good impression on them and they come tour here more often!  

You can get more information on the band's social media or on the "Live" section of our site. Give our brothers in Hallow Point a listen as well as our friends in the Toronto based band Creatures. 

Gig Facebook Event:

January 20th, 2018 - Pandemonium Guitar/Bass Play Through Video Released


January 19th, 2018 - Ritualis Aeterna Re-Released

The band is proud to announce that Ritualis Aeterna has been re-released through Rockshots Records finally! You can order it directly from the band, or through Rockshots at 

December 23rd 2017 - Pre-Order Ritualis Aeterna Digipak

With the impending re-release of Ritualis Aeterna through Rockshots Records in January, we've finally got our pre-order link set up! If you don't have a copy of this great EP know that the re-released version is a whole newly designed Digipak. 

Ritualis Aeterna can be ordered here

November 29th 2017 - Malacoda Signs Deal with Rockshots Records

We will be re-releasing our EP, Ritualis Aeterna through Rockshots Records on January 19th, with a brand new full length album sometime later in 2018.

We are super excited to be working with these guys, we can't wait for everyone to check out the new Malacoda tracks when they finally come out, but for now revisit our old material and wait for some other announcements regarding live shows in the near future.

We've recently revamped the site with a whole bunch of new information and will have some new merch designs incoming soon.

Go visit to pre- order Ritualis Aeterna if you don't already have a copy!